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    Engaging Our Youth

    Nazarene Youth Conference is going on right now in Louisville, KY. This is a place for teens in high school to experience a time of teaching and service for a week. The teens [Read more here]

    Have You Grown Up?

    Yes, I’m still processing my trip to Israel. It really messed with my mind! I’ve told you before how I felt I was truly limiting myself in my Christian walk. I wasn’t [Read more here]
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    Who’s Really Wrong?

    School is coming to an end in most areas and summer will be here. What I remember from school is being told I was either right or wrong. You were graded on most of your work [Read more here]


I trust you are here to find out how you can begin to be more transparent in your daily life. I am glad you are here. Along with the book, Being Transparent with Yourself, God, and Others, you will find weekly posts on the blog to encourage you in your walk of transparency, as well as a reading list of recommended books and sites. Let's begin our journey!

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